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Dear Susannah, seriously, where does the wildness come from?  Dear sisters, brother, nieces, nephews, parents, and various in-laws, your packages will be on their way tomorrow.  Yes, I’m five days late.  Turns out wrapping the presents before figuring out how to fit them all in the boxes wasn’t my most brilliant moment.  Dear extremely rude young, male Wal-Mart employee, I had my first “wanna go Chuck Norris on someone” moment when you pushed past my cart where I was unloading my three-year old who was about to pee her pants so you could go into the FAMILY RESTROOM I was about to enter.  No, seriously, I’m sure the phone conversation you were having was important enough to justify your behavior.  Bravo once again, Wal-mart customer service.   Dear Madeline, it was so exciting when you voluntarily started sounding out the word “white” the other day when we were setting up the tree.  It doesn’t even matter that the only sound you got right was the “w” and then you announced “BROWN!”  Apparently we not only need to work more on your letters, but maybe your colors just a bit…