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I’m sure a lot of people already know this, but sometimes taking the time to compliment a company or brand that you really like pays off.

I recently contacted Goody hair products to let them know that we love their hair bands (we go through tons of them cause Madeline is always squirreling them away in secret hiding places), and a week or so later check out what arrived in my mailbox!


As a thank you for contacting them they sent me this huge selection of their products to try!
They’re pretty much my BFF’s now. ;)

So if you have a favorite brand, and a few spare minutes, it’s worthwhile to drop a line of thanks for an awesome product. I’m sure it’s a nice departure from only hearing the negatives from consumers, and it may just score you a little surprise for taking the time to say thanks.
And if not, it’s still nice to say thank you.