So we’ve talked about Influenster.
Talked about contacting companies.
Showed how awesome CVS is.

Today I want to share about House Party.

So House Party works this way: companies provide boxes of their products to selected hosts to share with their family/friends.
After you sign up, you can apply to host any parties that interest you. Host spots are limited, so you won’t be selected for every party you apply for, but when you are selected it’s so worth it.
Over the past few years I’ve hosted parties featuring products from Dominoes, Digiorno (hey, we like our pizza!), Benefit Cosmetics, and just this past week, Hasbro.
I LOVE board games so the Hasbro Game Night box was a perfect fit for me. The party pack included: Twister (perfect for the kids, not so much for my old bones), Scrabble Catch Phrase, Yahtzee, and Draw Something. Also included were game coupons for the party guests, party cups and hats, a coupon for a free Ore-Ida appetizer, and even a crown and trophy for the game night champ!

December 2012 025

December 2012 027

December 2012 002

We had an awesome time trying out the new games, munching goodies, and indulging in some mild competitiveness. Okay, maybe it was a little more than that. More like, girls vs guys, all-out, do-everything-it-takes-to-win competitiveness. But since the GIRLS didn’t stoop to cheating, here’s the official champ of our Hasbro game night…
photo (15)
Sorry for the poor quality of the photos. I was using my phone and having a hard time holding it steady due to uncontrollable giggles while as my father-in-law explained that he was trying to look humble, but it was very difficult to do so. Seriously. Some people.

And here’s the big cheater himself.
photo (19)
If there was anything uncontrollable affecting this photo it was probably more along the lines of rage…

And a few more randoms from the night.
photo (18)
photo (20)
photo (22)edit

So, ready to sign up? Come on – parties are fun!
Even when there are cheaters. ;)