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Dear Heather, you’ve used up your one pass to scare the rest of us.  Forever.  No more.  Dear Freeport people, it was nice seeing all of you.  I like your song services.  Dear grandma and grandpa McEntire, thank you both so much for giving Ang and I a place to stay while we were in town.  Dear Madeline, why do you always want to be “widiculous” ?  Dear Ang, I hope it isn’t a zillion years before we see you again. Dear Daniel, thanks for making sure we didn’t get killed in the hotel parking lot.  Even though your psycho driving probably scared us worse than anything else that would have happened.   Dear Texas, your weather never fails to confuse me. I can’t decide if I hate you or love you.  Dear January, where did you go?  No wait, come back!  I didn’t get anything accomplished!