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So, seriously.

What do you think the odds are that there was a mixup at the hospital and my girls are somehow royalty?

I’m guessing the odds aren’t good, especially considering the lame-o hospital that Susannah was born at.

But hey, ya never know.

Here are the reasons why I think my girls MIGHT be real princesses.

Reason #1 – They always, and I mean ALWAYS want to wear frilly dresses and skirts.
Having to wear pants or anything they consider “non-fancy” is an honest-to-goodness tragedy in their lives.
Complete with sobbing and dramatic “my-life-is-over” moments.
“Really mom, how could you let the laundry pile up until I’m out of skirts?”

Reason #2 – Their use of the word “shall.”
As in, “I shall go pick up my toys now, mom.”
Cause seriously, who uses that word anymore?
Susannah, that’s who.
Madeline however, does not.
She says “I will (pronounced WOW-LL) go pick up my toys.” (Completely un-related, but then she doesn’t. She hates cleaning up her toys.)
So maybe Madeline isn’t a princess after all.
She just copies Susannah.

Reason #3 – The ridiculous amount of tiaras, tutus, crowns, wands, sceptres, etc. that are floating around our house.
They multiply overnight, I tell you.

Reason #4 – All dress shoes in our house are referred to as “slippers.”
Not the fuzzy-bunny kind.
The dancing kind.
I don’t know where they got this idea. They’ve never even seen the Disney princess movies.
Must be in-born in all princesses.

Reason #5 – Whenever I place small objects, such as peas, under their mattresses they toss and turn all night.

Okay, the last one was a lie.
We don’t do peas in our house.

But back to the princess thing.
In honor of the small-ish royalty residing in our home, we’re dedicating the month of February to fairy tales.
Each week we’ll pick one of our favorites and feature crafts, activities, and a few royal recipes that correspond with each story.

So please, come join us on Monday for the royal decree of which story will kick off Fairy Tale Month.

We shall be delighted to have you. ;)

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