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For as long as I can remember Cinderella has been one of my favorite fairy tales.
As I’ve gotten older I’ve gradually grown to like the Disney princess movies less and less, but Cinderella is one of the few that I’m okay with my girls seeing.
There aren’t any witches, disobedient/rude children, hidden political agendas (that I can see, anyway), or scary parts.

Plus, when I was little I always imagined that whoever I married when I grew up would look like Prince Charming.
(This was after my phase where I decided I would be the first Baptist nun, because I thought that was the only way I could avoid marriage.)
Considering the prince’s complete lack of personality and really even any distinguishing physical characteristics, he was probably a safe choice. ;)

And hey, I don’t think I did too bad.
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But back to the book…

Here’s the version we own:


And here are a few that I would love to find.

Cinderella by Sarah L. Thomson
This one may be a little weird because Cinderella looks like a little girl, but the illustrations are cute.

Cinderella: A Pop-Up Fairy Tale by Matthew Reinhart
Seriously, this one would be so much fun! Just check out the awesomeness.

Cinderella by Jane Ray
Another 3-dimensional story. I like that she has black hair in this version.

Cinderella by Amy Ehlrich
This one totally won me over with the cover picture. So pretty.

Cinderella by Max Eilenberg
Ahhh….love the illustrations! Perfect for little girls.

And finally, just because it looks awesome:
Seriously, Cinderella is so annoying: The Story of Cinderella as Told by the Wicked Stepmother (Other Side of the Story) by Trisha Sue Speed Shaskan

Isn’t that great? I’ve got to find a copy of this one! ;)
I’ll be back tomorrow with some activities to go with the story.