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Jeremy took me back to FireWheel this weekend, and in an attempt to console me from the devestation of discovering that my build-a-cupcake place, Dessertapalooza, had closed, allowed me to wander Pier One for as long as I wanted.

He really is a pretty good guy.

So, here are ten things that, if armed with unlimited funds and space, I would have crammed into the back of our HHR.  :)

#1 – What genius is this?  I feel that if I had this swing all of my troubles would melt away and life would be all songs and roses.  ;)


#2 – I’m completely in love with this place setting.  Maybe when the kids are a little older and are over the phase of flinging their dishes into the sink (but, hey, they are putting them in the sink!)

photo (82)

#3 – Ooh….this would make a lovely guest tray. You know, for my nonexistent guest room…
photo (80)

#4 – Peacock Mugs? Again with the genius!
photo (76)

#5 – Oh my word. I could swim in a sea of these pillows. You know. If I could swim.
photo (72)

#6 – Love the colors.

#7 – Again with the white dishes. But even better with the teal bowls!
photo (101)

#8 – These eyelet paper lanterns have been on my to-buy list for a while now. I can find them for less online, or I would have scooped them up.  Take that, instant gratification!
photo (102)

#9 – Hello! A papasan rocker?! Awesome!
photo (71)

#10 – Wooooohoooo! Who knew that Pier One stocked handsome, patient guys? I’ll take him.  And the pillows.
photo (103)