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I’m confessed before that I never completed any baby record books or made a scrapbook for my girls.
Boo, me.

But at some point Jeremy bullied me into writing down some of the cute/funny things they said so we wouldn’t instantly forget, which we’re kind of prone to do.

Here are my top ten:

  • Madeline, age 3, while getting in the car – “I bited my finger.  Wif my cwazy teeft (teeth).”
  • Susannah, age 4, while helping clean the kitchen – “Momma, you should put a lock on the oven door so it won’t come open when I swing on it.”
  • Madeline, age 3, as we were leaving Wal-Mart – “Oh no, I lost my mind!  We have to go back and get it!”
  • Susannah, age 3, at a local restaurant indignantly announced that they weren’t making our food.  We told her they were making it in the kitchen, but she insisted they weren’t, and pointing at the waitress who had taken our order said “See, she’s right there.  She isn’t cooking our food at all!”
  • Madeline, age 4, after asking if she could use my bathroom (they call the main bathroom the “men’s bathroom” for some reason).  I told her to use the main bathroom and her reply – “But mom! I can’t use the men’s baffroom!  I’m not a husband!”
  • Susannah, age 2, after discovering Bear-Bears paws were dirty – “Oh be careful little feet where you go, Bear-Bear.”
  • Susannah, age 3, while praying for her imaginary food – “Thank you for mommy and daddy.  Jesus love the little children of the world.  Help me be a good girl.  I don’t want to pee in the bed so I can get candies.  In Jesus name, amen.”
  • Susannah, age 5, after being told that she couldn’t have a pretzel from Subway – “Oh it makes me so depressed…”
  • Madeline, age 3, after being asked what Noah put in the ark – “Probably car-seats and seat-belts.”
  • Susannah, age 5, while struggling with her seat belt – “It’s just so hard and hopeless!”


Ah, kids.
They’re just so stinkin cute.