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I know, I know, it’s not Tuesday.  I got my days mixed up.  Or something.


Dear Susannah, you quoted your (long) memory verse so perfectly that I almost hated to tell you that it didn’t end with “page 16.”  But I think you would have figured it out from our prolonged fit of laughter anyways.  Kids.  Dear stormy weather, I can’t even be grouchy about the fact that it’s been so cold and rainy, because I’m so happy for every day that it’s not hot yet.  It’s seriously just not been long enough since summer ended for it to all start over again.  Dear peony, you have a BLOOM!  Please don’t die before you open.  Please don’t die before you open.  Dear Easter candy, GO AWAY!  You’re making my life very hard! (For many reasons.)  Dear Caleb, Heather spilled the beans about your blog-every-day-in-April goal.  Awesome job so far.  Dear self, next week get your days right.  Good grief.