Here’s the deal with my ceiling fans.
I never look at them.

They’re pretty much always on, and therefore, moving, so I don’t notice the dust build-up.
Until I have company over or something.
Then it goes something like this:

Sit chatting with someone in my living room and suddenly (somehow) notice the 2-inch layer of dust on the fan.
Silently panic inside and try to subtly turn the fan on so they won’t look up and see the dust bunnies.
As the blades start to rotate, silently panic (again) that they’re going to dis-lodge and land on one of the guests.
Stand in the middle of the room, unable to decide between leaving it on and turning it off.
Look like a moron.
Eventually decide to sit down because the fan is already moving.
Inwardly obsess about it until guest leaves.
Promptly forget about it the second they’re gone.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Until suddenly it’s spring and you are seized by that weird desire to clean everything in sight.
At which point the fans are finally cleaned….for the moment, anyway.

Okay, that’s technically only half-true. Most of the time I don’t even notice them when people are around.
Like I said, they’re almost always moving.
Plus, hello, they’re on the ceiling.
Who looks at the ceiling?!

But anyways.

I’ve always kind of dreaded cleaning those bad boys because they shower dust all over my house, inducing fits of sneezing, which can be dangerous when you’re precariously perched on some rickety chair to reach the blasted things. Or that’s been my excuse, at least.

So I finally wised up and used the rusty old brain to find a solution: old pillowcases.
They’re the perfect fan-cleaning tool.



I told ya it was bad.

March 2013 021


….so I guess I don’t have an excuse anymore.



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