So….as much as I wish I were perfect, I’m just not.
Surprise, right?!
Oh, okay, maybe not.

Here are ten things I wish I was better at.

  • Keeping my mouth shut.  I often have a bad case of the open mouth, insert foot syndrome.  Sometimes it’d be better to just keep quiet.  Maybe someday I’ll learn.
  • Drawing.  I stink at it and I desperately want to be able to make cute little doodle-y sketches.
  • Science.  I’m real bad at it.  Just doesn’t make much sense to me; for whatever reason my brain doesn’t process it.  Stop judging me because I only believe in science!
  • Cutting hair.  You’d think after 7 years of cutting Jerm’s hair that I would know how to give him, at the very least, a decent cut.  But no.  Not true.  And my poor bangs have been mutilated quite a few times also.
  • Taking photos.  I have this idea in my head that when I get a DSLR I will automatically be able to take perfect, magical pictures.  I have a feeling that my head is wrong.
  • Praying.  It’s embarrassing to admit that after 33 years of practice I still struggle with this one.  I’m just lame like that.
  • Losing weight.  I totally stink at it.
  • Sewing.  My motto is “Keep calm and get the seam ripper.”  Maybe someday I’ll be able to just automatically make beautiful, perfectly aligned things, but at this point I’m still producing mangled looking products after 12 hours of frustration/ripping seams/sewing things inside out/etc.  Sigh.
  • Being a friend.  I seem to scare them all away or something.  *sniff*
  • Being patient.  With my girls.  With my husband.  With myself.