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Project Simplify on Simple Mom

So the challenge for week one is shelves and drawers.
As always, I have plenty to choose from.
Seems like the piles of stuff are always beating me, no matter how hard I fight them.

For this week I chose to tackle my stockpile shelves and fabric storage shelves in the laundry area of my garage.
I’ve been staring at the mess for a long time, promising myself each week that I’m going to get them organized.
And failing each week, obviously.
It’s one of those nagging things that keeps getting written down on my weekly to-do list over and over and over…

Well, I’m happy to report, that although they’re a long way from perfect, they’re decently organized, stacked, folded, and cleaned.

PicMonkey Collage

My stockpile has dwindled quite a bit in the past few years, but I still try to keep my shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. stocked up and I’d just been tossing it up on the shelves for the past few months.
Now it’s sorted and organized, the expired items have been thrown out, and thing I knew we’d never use have been tossed/donated.

The fabric shelves were pretty bad. I’ve been given quite a bit lately (thanks Miss Ruth!), found some at thrift stores, and with every trip to JoAnns the piles would grow worse.
I tried to sort by type of fabric, but that wasn’t really working, so I sorted by color (more or less), then folded the stuff that does better laying flat.
I’m pretty happy with the end result and now that I can see exactly what I have, I guess I better get to using some of it up.

Week one: success!

Next week, closets. Yep, have some problems there, too.

Project Simplify on Simple Mom