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Dear Susannah, thank you for making me a shopping list.  And thank you for shouting out to the entire store that you made sure to put “don’t get fat stuff” (i.e. Slim Fast) on the list for me.  Dear little orange tree, why are all of your oranges falling off?  Makes me sad.  Dear self, you obviously need to read some more time-efficiency books since there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done.  Or just get up earlier.  Dear Susannah (again), whenever I’m avoiding answering the door because ten thousand roofing companies are vying for our business, please don’t tap on your bedroom window to get their attention and then tell them that, yes, mommy is inside.   You’re killing me, smalls. Dear sisters and friends that I continually badger about participating, ten on ten is tomorrow! :)