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So at some point in the past year I was reading some article and two things I’d never heard of were mentioned: soap nuts (what on earth?!) and wool dryer balls (huh?).

True confession: I still don’t really know what soap nuts are.

But the dryer balls caught my attention because I’ve been wanting to wash my pillows and the last time I tried was a disaster. They came out all lumpy and hideous and basically useless for their purpose, and when I looked online for solutions I found out that using a tennis ball helps “re-fluff” the pillows while they’re bouncing around in the dryer.

The problem is that I don’t own tennis balls and I kept forgetting to buy them.
So about the twenty-ninth time I came home and mentally punched myself for once again leaving off tennis balls from my grocery list, I stumbled upon this dryer ball idea and realized that it could probably solve all my problems FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE if I just made some.

So I obviously am an exaggerator.  (Is that even a word?)

But that’s how it felt at the time.

Except I didn’t own any 100% wool yarn.
The weird thing is that I seldom forget to buy any type of item that falls under the category “crafty.”
So I ran right down to JoAnns and bought some and whipped up these bad boys (photo shows them in their un-felted stage).

I didn’t take pictures of all the steps, but they’re pretty easy to figure out. Just wrap yard around three of your fingers about twenty times, then wrap it around the middle of those loops about twenty times. Then start wrapping around the wad of yarn until it starts resembling a ball shape. Keep wrapping until the ball is the size you want, then tuck the end under a couple strands.

One skein of yarn makes approximately four balls.

Then you need to felt the balls, so tie each ball up in a leg of some nylons. Like this:

In the spirit of full disclosure I’ll admit that I forgot this step the first time around, resulting in every single ball unwinding in my washing machine.
Not cool.
So don’t forget this step, peoples.

Then you just throw your snake thingy into the dryer and the balls come out fused together.

I’m seriously loving these bad boys.
They cut down on drying time AND take the place of dryer sheets.

I was finally able to (successfully) wash my pillows this week and the dryer balls fluffed all the clumps right out.
This awesomeness can’t be contained, ya’ll.

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