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Project Simplify on Simple Mom

So it’s week two, and the next task for Project Simplify is: That Pesky Closet.
Well, that’s no problem for this house; all of our closets are pesky and semi-disastrous.
There’s the front room closet, which I’m pretty sure I’ve tackled every single year during Project Simplify, and which always, always needs re-organization. Seems like no matter how hard I try to keep it cleaned out, I fail. It’s just a clutter magnet. It’s that one place where everything that doesn’t have a home gets dumped at the end of the day.

But guess what?
I didn’t work on that closet this year.
Well, not for this challenge, anyway.

The spots (yep, plural) I chose were (cue ominous music)….the girls closets.
They desperately needed it, and hopefully the cleaning/purging/organizing will help keep me sane.

So, here’s Susannah’s closet. And this is her version of clean. EEEK!

I swear, I fold all of her clothes and this is what she does with them when I hand them over to put away.
We sifted through all of her stuff, took out what she’d outgrown (pretty much everything), and replaced them with things that fit. I will eventually take my wedding dress out of the poor girls closet, but for now it’s got to stay.
We hung up all of her shirts, too, so hopefully everything else will fit in the drawers a little better now.

Madeline’s closet was basically the same. Dig out what didn’t fit, replaced with the next size, hung up everything we could, and re-organized so she could reach everything.
I need to buy more hangers to make room for her skirts, which are just stacked in a pile right now.
Since I had more of my stuff stacked on the shelf in her closet too, I took that out (and piled it in my closet).
Good plan, right?

I’m sooo happy to have their closets more manageable and am ready to move on to the dreaded PILES for next week. Oh, the piles…

***In completely unrelated news, I started a Facebook page for the blog, so if you like to connect via social media, please do.***