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Dear husband and father-in-law, since we had such a killer time at that giant yard sale on Saturday, maybe we should make it a WEEKLY TRADITION.  ;)  Dear Madeline, if I didn’t very clearly remember giving birth to you, I’d think you weren’t my kid.  I can’t believe you like june bugs enough to pick them up and LET THEM CRAWL ON YOU.  gwoss.  Dear husband (again), I forgive you (like that fat girl on Nacho Libre) for weed whacking my poor peony.  Also for throwing the entire twenty feet of garden hose on top of my orange tree.  Despite all that, you’re an okay guy. Dear Caleb, that sign (you know which one) is all glittered and sparkly and gigantic, just waiting to come down next week.  Dear Susannah, you were just a little off when I asked you to quote your verse and you replied “Everybody just be happy and nice!”  Joel Osteen would probably like it, though.