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I have this weakness for journals.
My heart often whispers that I need new ones even as my brain shouts that I don’t use the twenty-nine I already own often enough.

There’s just something perfect and inspiring about all those blank pages.
Especially when they come with a cute cover.

Here are ten that I don’t own (yet), but think are wonderful.

#1 – Because every journal lover needs at least one that is beautifully leather-bound.
photo (83)

#2 – The majority of my journaling falls more into the category of list-making. I adore lists.
And I’m pretty sure that I need a record of every book I’ve ever read. Unfortunately I’m a little behind on that. My adolescent years alone would fill up four or five of these bad boys.
The Book Lovers Journal: My Personal Reading Record
photo (84)

#3 – I want this one based purely on the cuteness factor. Yes, I know owls are a fad. I’m okay with fads as long as they’re as adorable as this one.
photo (78)

Check out the pages! EEK!  I think I love the inside even more than the outside.
photo (79)

#4 – Again with the lists. Just in case you didn’t believe me.
Listography Journal: My Life in Lists
My Listography: My Amazing Life in Lists (this is the children’s version)
photo (81)

#5 – So this isn’t your typical journal, but I still love it.
Even though I can’t draw worth a hoot. I especially love the random number. Awesome.
642 Things to Draw
photo (77)

#6 – I adore the idea of a guided journal. I don’t know if I would follow it, but I’d sure like to try.
Q and A a Day: A Five Year Journal

#7 – I’ve been counting down the days until my girls are old enough to start a mother/daughter journal. I may stick to plain composition notebooks, but this one looks awfully cute….
Just between Us: A No-Stress, No-Rules Journal for Girls and their Moms

#8 – Because, hello, who doesn’t need to keep a gratitude journal?!
I’m in love with this.
Gratitude: a Journal

# 9 – I think it’s probably obvious by now that I have a serious crush on art journals. (It’s one of my 40 Things to accomplish before I’m 40, too.)
So it’s probably no surprise that this journal makes my list.
Art Doodle Love

#10 – I’m about a chapter away from finishing The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, and although it hasn’t been my favorite book of all time, I do like her one line journal idea. And what do you know? They made a journal based on just that idea. It seems like I should be able to handle one line a day, right?  I’m not in love with the cover, though, so I don’t know if I would buy it or not.
The Happiness Project One Sentence Journal

Maybe someday I’ll share the ones already on my shelf. ;)