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Project Simplify on Simple Mom

I’m been mentally shying away from this weeks task ever since I read the list at the beginning of the month.
Piles and I are arch-enemies.
We have epic battles ALL the time. (And I’m not going to mention who is the victor most often.)
Wretched, wretched piles.

Here we go…

First up, this giant, huge, mind-numbing pile in my garage. I picked up this beat-up, wretched beast of a cabinet from the side of the road to store all the girls art supplies, crafts, and school stuff in. My intention was to eventually re-finish it, but I’m not entirely sure it’d be worth the time and effort.
Still, although the bottom two drawers won’t push in all the way, some of the hardware is missing (which I’ll remedy if I can ever remember I need knobs when I’m at Lowes), and it’s very scuffed up, it IS useable, and I think it’ll serve its purpose (for a while, anyway).
We just kind of shoved it in the garage and I haven’t thought about it since, except to stack stuff on top of it that either has no home or that I no longer want/use.

You know, just because it’s handy.

Let me present: the monstrosity.

Pretty wretched, right?
It was a good feeling to finally just deal with it because it’s been one of those little nagging projects that’s always floating around in the back of my head.
I separated the pile of to-get-rid-of items and pulled out all the kid clothes that I can give away to take down to my sisters this weekend. Luckily her kids are super teensy-tiny so I always have someone to give stuff to when my giantesses outgrown everything in their closet.

The “get-rid-of” pile. Be-gone from me.

I soaked the monstrosity in Lysol, scrubbed the whole thing out, and actually put the art/craft/school stuff in its new home!
It doesn’t take much to get me excited, apparently.

And BONUS – it transformed the closet of doom from this….

….to this! Two piles with one blow! ;)

I still have a big stack of frames that I don’t know what to do with, because I’ve been waiting to spray paint them for a gallery wall for ages, but the weather just hasn’t been cooperating lately. So technically this stack was just relocated.

The monstrosity after cleaning and purging. The books are my some of my yearly reading goals so the pile diminishes every month as they’re read and donated/traded/re-shelved.

The second (and third) piles were the bedside tables in our bedroom. Jeremy’s is the worst, but to be fair he has many, many less piles in the house than I do. His main issue was the weekly magazines that he’s subscribed to and never has time to read. (I signed him up for them and have been kicking myself for my stupidity ever since…why would I willingly bring MORE clutter into my house?!?)

He gave me the okay to dump the entire stack in the recycle bin and after I wiped the table down and put a few other things in their places it looked much better.

My side wasn’t quite as bad, but I had a few too many books sitting around and an awesome collection of dust bunnies.

Got rid of those bad boys, questioned why I have no less than four journal type things that I feel MUST be on my bedside table (it probably goes back to my journal obsession), and called it good.

I promise these were the only real piles in my house. I sometimes question why I participate in this challenge where I have to show public proof of how messy my house is.
I always picture Amber gasping in horror and vowing never to visit my home. :)

Such are the mysteries of life.
I don’t know why I do it.

Maybe someday I’ll run a perfectly organized, perfectly clean household, but for now I just clean up the messes as best I can in between projects and creations and school and exploding glitter glue.

I guess I can live with that.