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Most of the time I like to think that I’m pretty frugal.
I coupon, do the whole drugstore game thing, and stick to my budget pretty religiously, but I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older (and older. and older.) that there are a few things that are just worth the extra money.
Here are my top ten splurge-worthy items.

  • Crisco sticks.  I don’t use much shortening, but I’ve always, ALWAYS hated getting that greasy goop on my hands, and it’s pretty much impossible to not get on your hands when scooping it out of the can.  Bless you, Crisco, for thinking of shortening sticks.  I don’t care if it costs me triple, I’ll still buy them just for the convenience of it.    5150025188
  • Clinique mascara.  I don’t buy this because of allergic reactions or brand loyalty or anything.  I buy it purely out of vanity because my eyelashes are ridiculously pathetic and this is the only stuff that even halfway works.  I make a bottle last about six months, though, so I don’t feel too guilty about it.  clq_634C_250
  • B&BW Wallflower refills.  Love these bad boys, and they make my house smell so good.  I just make sure to stock up when they’re on a really good sale. pBBW1-14917489v275
  • Mod Podge.  Nothing works quite like it.  I’ve seen DIY “recipes” for it, but I don’t see how they could possibly work as well, especially as a sealant.  I’m not quite sure how I lived without this stuff for so long. PG_Main_92_1
  • Puffs with Vicks.  Not exactly a huge splurge, but when I’m sick my nose wants Vicks-infused tissue.  :)   puffs-plus-with-vicks-cube-soothing-love
  • Dove Dark Chocolate with Raspberry.   I don’t buy this very often because of my perpetual diet (that does me no good), and also because I find it ridiculous to pay over $4 for a bag of chocolates, but they’re so stinkin good that I occasionally give in during a moment of weakness.  And it’s so worth it when I do…    images
  • Johnson’s Bedtime Bath.  Because it makes my stinky little kids smell angelic again.  For a little while.  new_bedtime_bath_155x216_0
  • Earthbound Farms baby carrots.  I’ve probably eaten my body weight several times over in baby carrots the last few years, and no matter how much Jerm doesn’t believe me, the organic carrots dooo (Nacho!) taste better.  EBF_Snacks1lb_MPC
  • Dawn dish soap.  I stockpiled about ninety bottles of Gain dish soap when it first came out, because (A) I had coupons, (B) it smelled good, and (C) it was made by the same company so I figured it would work just as well.  WRONG!  But it does smell good.  They should just combine the smell of Gain and the de-greasing abilities of Dawn to make the perfect dish soap. (P.S. Anybody need some Gain?)  ;)
  • product_detail_275x328_ultra Neutrogena Acne Control Scrub.  Hello, wasn’t this supposed to be a teenager thing?  I have more skin problems now that I’ve had kids than I ever had as an adolescent.  I’ve used several high-end cleansers, tried the oil-cleansing method (gross!), and quit scrubbing my face completely, none of which did anything except convince me to go back to Neutrogena.  Love this stuff.  6802204_320x385

So there you go; sometimes it’s worth it to pay just a little more.

Are there any items/brands that you’re willing to splurge on?  Share.