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Dear Ang, you are a lifesaver for sending me that giant tub of taco seasoning.  Now the panicky feeling whenever I use what’s left of my jar will stop pestering me and I won’t feel like I have to hoard it for the end of the world or something.  :)  Dear self, remember how awesome you thought it would be to do all your grocery shopping for the whole month at once?  You’re retarded.  Dear Susannah, maybe now that you’ve tasted SOAP you’ll listen to me when I tell you not to automatically put stuff in your mouth when I’m working at the kitchen counter.  It’s not all bread dough.  And even if it is, that’s still grody.  Dear Houston, I never want to drive through you during a monsoon again.  Or maybe just never again, period.  Dear Madeline, remember when you told us that you “like all the animals in the whole world except wolfses.”  It reminds me that I love kids.  Even when they eat soap.