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So, it’s pretty much no secret that I’m a fan of Michael Buble.
The truth is, I’m not really a music person.
I like it. I listen to it.
But I don’t live and breathe (and sing non-stop) like…well, Jerm.
And my kids, who’ve obviously inherited their fathers taste.

All that aside, there are a few artists/groups that I follow pretty religiously, and Michael is at the top of the list.
Okay, he’s pretty much the list (along with Casting Crowns).

Obviously, when One to One Network offered a copy of his album for review I jumped at the chance, so here’s what I think about To Be Loved.


First of all, there are always a few songs on an album that drive me insane. Not a good insane, more like a smash-my-computer-against-the-desk-until-it-turns-off kind of insane.
Yes, even, you, Michael Buble.

For me, those songs were (Nevertheless) I’m In Love With You and Come Dance With Me.


Here’s the dealio (Gru voice).  Jerm mocks me because I like mainstream music, but it’s the truth.  I like stuff that doesn’t sound too different. (cough-Blackhawk-cough)

To me, being too different (in music, anyway) just sounds weird.
See? Mainstream.

So I’ve seen a ton of complaints that this album isn’t up to par with his other’s because it’s too – wait for it – yep, mainstream.

Basically all that gibberish was to say that I like most of the album a lot. It doesn’t grate on my nerves.

I don’t like Sinatra-sounding music. I just like his happy songs.

My favorite tracks on this album are:

  • It’s a Beautiful Day (See?  Happy, happy.)
  • I’ve Got it Easy (yes, he certainly does) – he co-wrote this one
  • Close Your Eyes (another he co-wrote)
  • After All – duet with Bryan Adams (Summer of ’69, yeah! — just for you, Papa Bear)

So basically, four awesome songs, a few okay songs, and only two smash-the-computer-till-it-switches-to-something-better duds.  And that’s just because of the a-fore-mentioned Sinatra hate.

Here’s another picture to make this post worthwhile.


If you want to hear the songs yourself, get all the details on Amazon

I participated in this campaign for One2One Network. I received a free copy of the album to facilitate my review. All opinions stated are my own.