I’ve been interested in freezer cooking for years, ever since I was a teenager and saw some friends get together and make about a zillion meals in one day.

The group idea is awesome, but since I don’t really have anyone to do it with me down here, I finally decided to try it the way Crystal @ Moneysavingmom does: freezer cooking in an hour.

The basic idea is that you set a timer for an hour, cook away, and at the end of the designated time you have dinner plus several things to put away in the freezer.

I did this for the entire month of May, only cooked for the freezer about once a week, and let me tell ya, it was awesome.

We didn’t love all of the recipes I tried, but there were several real winners, which I’ll share over the next few weeks.

Since I was only cooking for an hour at a time I didn’t burn out or feel like I was spending my life in the kitchen, and right now my freezer is totally full of meals that I carried over from May.

The real bonus?  I did a large monthly shopping trip, and only had to go to the store for milk, eggs, and produce at the beginning of each week.  I LOVED not having to drag the girls out every Monday to shop.  Awesome, awesome, awesome!

I’m looking forward to doing an hour of cooking each week to keep the freezer stocked.  It’s made several of the dinners each week insanely easy – just pull out, thaw, stick it in the oven, and serve!

I’ll be back in  a few days with one of our favorite recipes from the experiment: BBQ Meatballs!