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Technically my girls don’t NEED these things, but they’re so cute that every time I see them I can’t help but think that they do.

(Please click through the links to pin from the original source; don’t pin from my page.  Thanks!)

  • How stinkin cute are these ruffle cuff little jeans?  I’ve got to add some to Mad’s pants.  Ruffle-And-Bow-Pant-Leg-Tutorial
  • These fluffy twirly skirts can’t be hard to make, but I’m still tempted to buy the pattern.   Plaid Hat 029
  • Hello – what little girl doesn’t need a cute ruffled apron?  DSC06355 (2)
  • I’m in love with this shirt.  Everything about it – the style, the fabric, the buttons.  Plus, she’s got about a zillion other great tutorials posted on her blog; it’s one of my favorites.  IMG_9875
  • I told you I had a thing for ruffles.  I need to try a few of these on the twenty pairs of jeans that Susannah has ripped the knees out of.  PR-jeans-to-denim_skirtmain300x400
  • If only there was more time in Texas for hats and scarves.  As it is we’re lucky to need them about twice a year.  :(   But making a few of these would give me another reason to buy some ruffle fabric…  Beanie-and-scarf-title
  • OH. MY. WORD.  I would make these just to be able to take a photo like this!  bottomhalfevans
  • Yep.  Another ruffled skirt.  DSCN0482
  • Eek!  Lace leggings!  No matter that my girls would probably rip them before they got both legs in…   yhst-128640681914509_2194_35073990
  • Susannah would die for a skirt like this.  Seriously.  Die.  Side2

So.  What do your kids “need” in their closets?