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A couple of years ago I made the move from Blogger to WordPress, and for the most part have been quite happy with the (much!) easier platform.
Lately, though, I’ve been feeling too limited with the free version of WordPress so for the last few days I’ve been switching my site over to the self-hosted WordPress.

It’s been QUITE a learning experience, and I’m sure I’ll be making more changes as I go, but for now I think it’s up and running somewhat normally.

I think I was able to switch all my e-mail followers, although I’m not 100% positive about even that, but I have no idea how to switch those of you who follow via WordPress. Please come check out the new website and follow if you want to continue to receive updates in your feed.

Here’s the new address: www.somewhere-in-the-middle.com

I’m so excited!  Please email or comment with any problems you have viewing/subscribing/etc.  I would really appreciate the feedback.