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Wow, this month is flying by.

Actually…it really is.
But you won’t find me crying in my Coke Zero when November 1st rolls around and I’m not obligated to complete an activity and then blog about it on the same day.
I know, I know, it would have been smart of me to plan ahead and have a few already completed activities for the unexpectedly crazy days when I really don’t have time to craft, take photos, and write, but again…that would require planning ahead.
I’m not exactly known for that.
Plus, I forgot about the whole challenge thing until about September 28th.

But enough rambling.
This activity actually took us several days, because there was a lot of drying time involved, but it was simple and the crowns turned out so cute!
They’d be cuter if they were embellished, but don’t make me go into the whole planning ahead bit again…

Supplies needed:
Crocheted Lace, cut to 18″
Fabric stiffener
Hot Glue
Embellishments (if desired)

Completely soak the lace in fabric stiffener.
Lay flat to dry on wax paper (overnight is a good idea).
Repeat until the lace is completely stiff.
Paint the lace if you like the idea of colored crowns.
Spray paint is easiest.
I used Krylon Glitter Blast for the pink one – this stuff is amazing!
For the silver crown I used a can of spray glitter that I bought way back in 1998. I remember because I bought it at Ben Franklin’s the first time me, Reb, Josh, and Caleb went shopping on Black Friday, the first in what’s become one of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions. I bought it for the twelve million angel costumes I made for the Christmas play that year. I have no idea how it’s lasted this long.
Or how I remember all that, for that matter.
Anyways, not as superior a product as the Glitter Blast, but it’s pretty on the crown.

After the paint has dried, bend the lace into a circle, matching ends, and glue together.
Embellish if you have your act together.

P.S. I know what my kids hairs look like. In my defense….I’ve re-done their braids three times today already. It’s hopeless.

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